Marnie Toocaram – More windsurfers, where are they all coming from?

Boardseeker Babe December ’07: Marnie Toocaram

Full Name:   Marnie Janise Toocaram
Age:   19 yrs
Height:   5ft 4
Eye Colour:   Brown

What are your best features?

My god I have no idea, I’ll let you decide from the pics.

The choice is endless (5/5)

Where are you from?

Colchester in Essex.

This gets even better (4/5)

What is work?

In the summer I work for Club Vass in Greece with my boyfriend Max who is a windsurfing instructor but at the moment I’m doing an art foundation course.

Boyfriend – gutted! (3/5)

What do you do in your spare time?

Well apart from when I’m spending quality time with my boyfriend of course, it would usually consist of drinking lots of Rose-a with Jo ‘diva’ Scott and Nancy ‘pants’ Tyrie (previous Boardseeker Babes).

Now wouldn’t you like to dictaphone those conversations! (4/5)

What could a guy do to impress you?

Well…setting up my kit every time I wanted a sail would be a start!!





Have you had any celebrity boyfriends?

Yeah a hot D&G model but he didn’t windsurf so I ditched him!

Top answer! (5/5)

Does a fellow windsurfer make a good boyfriend?

Hell yeah!

Even better answer! (5/5)

What is your most memorable achievement to date?

Teaching my boyfriend to flaka – haha!

She’s on a role. (5/5)

What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?

Windsurfing with my boobs out (for tanning purposes obviously).

Just saviour that image boys, just saviour it…. (5/5)

Are wetsuits sexy?

Not really …but what’s in them can be!

Max must be a big boy (4/5)

What is more important: money or member?

Depends on the member.

We were right then (4/5)

Finally, you tell your boyfriend you are going sailing for a quick hour. You come back 4 hours later. What do you say to him?

What’s for tea love?

We’re in love with you Marnie (5/5)

Photo score: 5/5

Thanks to Jay Haysey for the shots.

Total BSB score: