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Boardseeker Babe December 06:
Amy Carter

Full Name:   Amy Carter
Age:   19 yrs
Height:   5’6
Eye Colour:   Blue

1. What are your best features?
I got a bit stuck on this one so I had to phone a friend. Apparently it’s either my hair or my up for anything attitude!

BSB: 3/5 (We will go for the attitude!)

2. Where are you from? Originally London, but I try and spend as much time as possible in warmer and windier locations.

BSB: 4/5 (Good girl)

3. What is work? At the moment I am combining full time work in Sales at David Lloyd (fitness centre) with trying to become a pro windsurfer!

BSB: 3/5

4. What is your link with windsurfing? I have been competing nationally and internationally for a while now. I have won the Formula Youth Worlds a couple of times and this year ended up 5th on the PWA Slalom 42 Tour.

BSB: 5/5 (Fair play)


5. So you can windsurf:
I try!! I’m always up for learning some new tricks though if there’s anyone around to teach me?

BSB:5/5 (Lovely & Lonely)

6. What makes a windsurfer a good boyfriend? It would give me even more of an excuse to travel and windsurf if I had a guy that was doing the same thing. It also makes it a lot easier if there are two of you sharing a quiver of sails.

BSB:4/5 (Sharing kit: heaven or hell?)

7. What is your most memorable achievement to date? The first time I won the Worlds and winning Weymouth Speed week last year.

BSB:5/5 (We’re impressed)




8. What’s the wildest thing you have done? A bungee jump off a dodgy looking crane in Poland. There have also been quite a few wild nights at windsurfing events, but my lips are sealed. What happens on Tour, stays on Tour!

BSB: 3/5 (spoil sport)

9. If you were President or Prime Minister for ONE day, what would you do? Scrap taxes, replace everyone in the government with people who actually know something about the real world and put all chavs under house arrest! After a hard mornings work I would make it a nice 30degrees and 30knots throughout the UK and give every windsurfer (but no kitesurfers) the afternoon off, leaving the evening for a bit of après surf!

BSB:3/5 (Chav kitesurfers need not apply)

10. Finally, your windsurfing boyfriend says he will be out sailing for a quick hour. He comes back 4 hours later. What do you say to him? I don’t say anything as I have already left a note saying I’ve gone sailing too, and when I return I will no doubt be freezing from the lovely English weather and will need warming up!

BSB:5/5 (Cup of horlicks anyone?)

Photo Score: BSB: 4/5

Total BSB score: 80%

Amy is sponsored by:

Gaastra, Tabou, Sola,
Surfers against Sewage, Funk, Dakine, Kangaroo poo


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