Bryony Shaw – Olympic hopeful…

Boardseeker Babe March:
Bryony Shaw

1. What is your full name and age?
Bryony Shaw, 22

2. What are your vital statistics (in inches)?
Hips 34, waist 27, chest 36.

BSB: 5/5

3. What is work? Member of the British Olympic windsurfing squad.

BSB: 5/5  (atheletic, paid to windsurf !)


4. What do you do in your spare time? Play golf with my boyfriend Greg.

BSB: 2/5 (Sorry, golf is not sexy!)

5. Have you ever posed naked? Only for him!

BSB:2/5 (Bah, humbug)

6. What’s the wildest thing you have ever done? Reached 50mph on my road bike cycling in Majorca but nearly went off a massive cliff!


7. Have you had any celebrity boyfriends? Unfortunately no.


8. What sort of guys do you go for? Sporty, fit, popular, funny & gorgeous.

BSB: 3/5 (Rules most of the windsurfing population out then.)




9. What could a guy do to impress you? Watching a guy do any extreme sport sends my heart racing.


(On the other hand…how sexy is a planing carve gybe?)

10. What’s more important, money or member? Member for sure!


11. What makes a windsurfer a good boyfriend? My boyfriend is the best as we can go wave sailing together and he teaches me freestyle. He understands my job and is really supportive. He can help rig my kit too…sorted!


12. Can you windsurf? Yep


13. Are wetsuits sexy? It depends if the guy is sexy! It’s a good way to check out his body.


(Naughty minx!)

14. If you were a wave and a surfer was on you, would you spit them out or swallow them whole? I would give him the best ride of his life!


15. Finally a day at the beach or a day’s shopping? I would never miss a good day windsurfing or surfing at the beach, but I love a good spending spree on my days off!

BSB: 5/5

Photo Score: BSB: 4/5

Total BSB score: 80%