Boardseeker Babe – Danielle Lucas

Boardseeker BabeOct ’10: Danielle Lucas

Full Name:   Danielle Lucas
Age:   25yrs
Height:   5’9″
Eye Colour:   Blue

What are your best features?

I find this hard to answer, but people have told me I have good legs (which luckily are pretty nice and tanned at the moment).

4/5 So modest…

Where are you from?

Originally I lived in Birmingham but moved away and escaped the Brummy accent when I was 7. Then it was Hertfordshire until uni. Since then I learned to windsurf and haven’t spent much time in the UK, so it’s hard to say!

4/5 No tying you down, eh?

What is work?

I currently live in Egypt freelancing windsurf coaching and photography. I have also started running clinics with my boyfriend Phil Richards trying to get more people into windsurfing. Check out our website to find out more.

4/5 Have done, looks good to us…

What do you do in your spare time?

When not working I’m windsurfing. If I’m not windsurfing I love getting in the water to do watershoots for my friends. I also really enjoy volleyball, cycling and just being outside, active and with friends.

4/5 Somehow we figured that answer wouldn’t be ‘as little as possible’!

What could a guy do to impress you?

Sail like a legend all day, come off the water and suggest we go get steak for dinner, and then tell me he’s also booked us tickets to South Africa for the winter.

4/5 Reckon we could all aspire to that…

What do you like about being in a male dominated sport?

Guys don’t worry about things so much – they just want to go and have fun on the water and then party after.

4/5 That’s about the size of it.

Does a windsurfer make a good boyfriend?

Definitely! If he wasn’t a windsurfer he would have to start learning fast…

5/5 Bingo!

What is your most memorable achievement to date?

Learning to catch and ride waves in Cape Town. It’s the first place I experienced waves, and its such an amazing place that you can’t possibly forget it, especially days being out in 3 or 4m swell when I never imagined I’d be able to.

5/5 Fair play..



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What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?

Skydiving in the middle of nowhere in Argentina, absolutely amazing, I would definitely recommend it.

4/5 It’s on the list…

Are wetsuits sexy?

Sure, so long as the right person is in them. It’s always much better without them though.

4/5 Dare we ask, what is?!?

What is more important: a solid bank account or a solid six pack?

A bit of both is always good!

4/5 Very sensible…

Finally, you tell your boyfriend you are going sailing for a quick hour. You come back 4 hours later. What do you say to him?

Shame you didn’t come down with the video camera, I was having a great session! Maybe tomorrow?

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