Boardseeker Babe – Heather Rowan Robinson

Boardseeker BabeJune ’11: Heather Rowan-Robinson

What are your best features?

Most would have to say my big brown eyes… either that or my riveting sense of humour!


Where are you from?

Initially from Derby, I went to Uni. in Bristol but am currently flitting between Greece and Egypt.

4/5 Not so sure about the windsurfing in Derby though…

What is work?

Spending all day in the sea and sun! Teaching windsurfing in sunny climates and occasionally doing a bit of freelance design on the side.

4/5 Oh, it’s a hard life…

What do you do in your spare time?

Generally windsurf, bit of photography and design, catching up with friends. Ideally having the best time!

5/5 Ideal…

What could a guy do to impress you?

It goes without saying that he has to be the outdoor type. It definitely helps if he’s a very good windsurfer, charming, intelligent and an overall nice guy.

4/5Is this a dating site?

What do you like about being in a male dominated sport?

I grew up with three brothers so quite accustomed to holding my own in a male environment! I love it!

5/5 And hold your own, you certainly do….

Does a windsurfer make a good boyfriend?

I guess it definitely helps with the fitness levels!

5/5 Straight to the point

What is your most memorable achievement to date?

Showcasing my menswear collection at Earls Court

4/5 Multi-talented!

Do you windsurf?

Yes I do like a good pootle on the water and made it my career choice. Will see what happens after another season in Vass.

3/5How’s that liver?





What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?

Fishing in Dahab! That was pretty wild, first catch caught an octopus: it was massive!


Are wetsuits sexy?

Hmm not so much…perhaps when not on properly.

5/5 Good answer!

What is more important: a solid bank account or a solid six pack?

As a windsurf instructor a solid bank account would definitely be handy but not a necessity though…

3/5 And the six pack?

If you were a wave and a surfer was on you, would you spit them out or swallow them whole?

Depends who’s riding!


Finally, you tell your boyfriend you are going sailing for a quick hour. You come back 4 hours later. What do you say to him?

Oops lost track of time, you miss me?

5/5 Like your style!




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