Imogen Gray – She cant windsurf, but do we really care……?!

Boardseeker Babe June 07: Imogen Gray

Full Name:   Imogen Gray
Age:   22
Height:   5ft8
Eye Colour:   Green

1. What are your best features?
My eyes.

BSB: 2/5 (Are you sure?!)

2. Where are you from? The Midlands.

BSB: 1/5 (Enough said!)

3. What is work? I am a model.

BSB: 5/5 (Of course! Only the hottest Boardseeker Babes from now on)

4. What do you do in your spare time? I go horse riding, play tennis and golf and go to the gym.

BSB: 4/5 (Where does she find the time?)

5. Have you ever posed naked? No.

BSB: 2/5 (Booo!)

5. What’s the most recent wildest thing you have done? I’ve had sex on a plane.

BSB: 5/5 (You’ve gone straight back up in our imagination)



6. Have you had any celebrity boyfriends? No.

BSB: 3/5 (Celebrities are over rated anyway)

7. What sort of guys do you go for?   They must be tall and confident.

BSB: 4/5 (Yep, that’s us!)

8. What could a guy do to impress you? Smile.

BSB: 2/5 (Is that all my dear?)

9. What’s more important, money or member? Money, it lasts longer.

BSB: 3/5 (Not when you spend it on shiny, new windsurfing kit it doesn’t)



10. Would a windsurfer make a good boyfriend? A long as they had a proper job too!

BSB: 2/5 (That, young lady, is too harsh. Good answer though)

11. Can you windsurf? No, but I’d love to give it a go!

BSB: 5/5 (We could just see you in a rubber wetsuit, uphauling that very heavy sail)

12. Are wetsuits sexy? No way.

BSB: 2/5

(Well you obviously haven’t been on Tiree in a northerly gale watching the Pro fleet)

13. If you were a wave and a surfer was on you, would you spit them out or swallow them whole? Neither, I’d just swirl them around and around.

BSB: 5/5 (To be trapped in your white water sounds very appealing)

14. A day at the beach or a day’s shopping? Beach

BSB: 5/5 (Good girl )

15. Finally, your windsurfing boyfriend says he will be out sailing for a quick hour. He comes back 4 hours later. What do you say to him? I would ask him what he is going to do to make it up to me!

BSB: 5/5 (And we’d say…no, better not)

Photo score: 5/5

Total BSB score:


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