Boardseeker Babe – Little hot chick

Boardseeker BabeOctober 09: Maeli Cherel

Full Name:   Maeli Cherel
Age:   22yrs
Height:   155cm
Eye Colour:   blue

What are your best features?

Tough question. I would say my back and my boyfriend would say my bum. You pick!

4/5 Such choices

Where are you from?

A bit all over the place really. My passport says I‘m French but I was born in Venezuela and grew up mostly in Italy.

5/5 So cosmopolitan

What is work?

I‘m just starting a Masters in maritime engineering at Southampton but plan to escape to Western Aus as soon as I graduate.

5/5 Un oh boys, this one‘s a bright spark.

What do you do in your spare time?

In the UK I mostly windsurf with, I admit, a bit of kiting here and there. I also surf, snowboard and play tennis.

3/5 Drop the kiting girl

What could a guy do to impress you?

I look for guys with skills; like numchuck skills, computer hacking skills etc. I‘d be really impressed if he could bake me a cake or something. Either that or pull off a smooth burner.

4/5 You enjoy numchuck followed by a smooth burner?

What do you like about being in a male dominated sport?

All three words really; males, dominate, sport.

5/5 She likes to be dominated – bonus!

Does a windsurfer make a good boyfriend?

Yeah for sure, so long as he doesn’t chat about harness lines, fin length or downhaul all day long!

3/5 We would never do that

What is your most memorable achievement to date?

Spocking! A move that took me far too long to land but I finally mastered this summer. Fingers crossed I can land it in freezing UK conditions as well.

5/5 We are impressed




What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?

Me and my brother climbed over the Airport fence in Margarita, lay down on the runway and watched a plane land over our heads. The best adrenaline rush ever!

4/5 The question is why, you weirdo plane spotters.

Are wetsuits sexy?

On a cracking body for sure! Although I find speedos sexier…

3/5 Better get down your local baths then

What is more important: a solid bank account or a solid six pack?

A solid six pack for now, a solid bank account later.

5/5 Good answer.

Finally, you tell your boyfriend you are going sailing for a quick hour. You come back 4 hours later. What do you say to him?

I‘m pretty sure he’d still be sailing! But if not I‘d tell him that an hour of power is just never enough!

4/5 Not too sure we would last more than half an hour with you babe.