Nancie Tyrie – She loves a man in rubber….

Boardseeker Babe April:
Nancy Tyrie

1. What is your full name and age?
Nancy Tyrie, 24 years old.

2. What are your vital statistics (in inches)?
Hip 36 Waist 27 Chest 32

BSB: 5/5

3. What is work? Currently working in Margarita for Club Vass.

BSB: 5/5 

4. What do you do in your spare time? Windsurf, drink rum, bit of snowboarding, windsurf and drink rum.

BSB: 4/5

Pic: Tom Brendt

5. Have you ever posed naked? Umm…just for the boyfriend, and the odd skinny dip.


6. What’s the wildest thing you have ever done? Got my nipple pierced and dyed my hair pink in the same day!


7. Have you had any celebrity boyfriends? No, but I’ve had a few stars in my bed!


8. What sort of guys do you go for? The ones that live all year round in windy, sunny places.

BSB: 2/5 (There’s always a catch with the hot ones isn’t there?)

9. What could a guy do to impress you? Own a good mast extension.

BSB:5/5 (Bravo!)


Pic: Tom Brendt


Pic: Tom Brendt


10. What’s more important, money or member? Neither to me!

BSB:1/5 (Or hold on, if she doesn’t like members…???)

11. What makes a windsurfer a good boyfriend? It means I have double the amount of kit!


12. Can you windsurf? Do bears shit in the woods?

BSB:5/5 (we like her style!)

13. Are wetsuits sexy? Yeah, I love a man in rubber.


14. If you were a wave and a surfer was on you, would you spit them out or swallow them whole? I am generally a spitter but if he was riding me well I might swallow!


15. Finally a day at the beach or a day’s shopping? BEACH BEACH BEACH!!!!

BSB: 5/5

Photo Score: BSB: 4/5

Total BSB score: 83% (Nancy takes the lead!!!)


Photos of Nancy courtesy of Tom Brendt.


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