Naomi Antcliff – Form an orderly queue!!

Boardseeker Babe November 06:
Naomi Antcliff

Full Name:   Naomi Antcliff
Age:   22
Height:   5’5”
Eye Colour:   Green

1. What are your best features?
My eyes.

BSB: 4/5 (Looks that can kill..dangerous.)

2. Where are you from? I was born in Essex but grew up in Kent. I now live in Oxford where I went to University.

BSB: 2/5 ( waves there.)

3. What is work? I am a Pediatric Nurse.

BSB: 4/5  (Now we’re getting somewhere.)

4. What is your link with windsurfing? I used to teach windsurfing whilst working for Camp America. I am also a swimming teacher and a beach lifeguard.

BSB: 4/5 (Hold on… a nurse and a lifeguard?)


5. Can you windsurf? I’m getting there but I think I may need some professional help, if you know of anyone?


(Where & when do we start?)

6. What makes a windsurfer a good boyfriend? They work out on the water rather than in the gym which is a lot cooler. They are also always up for a good laugh.

BSB:4/5 (If that’s what you wanna call it, that’s fine by us.)

7. What is your most memorable achievement to date? Getting a 2:1 in my Pediatric Nursing Degree and teaching a three year old to swim.


(Now that’s a perfect Miss World answer.)




8. What’s the wildest thing you have done? An 80ft bungee jump was the scariest and drunken dancing on a bar that was on fire was the wildest!

BSB: 4/5

9. If you were President or Prime Minister for ONE day, what would you do? I would make sport a mandatory lesson three times a week and there would be no getting out of PE. I would kill off obesity in the country!!!

BSB:5/5 (No more cream cakes for us then.)

10. Finally, your windsurfing boyfriend says he will be out sailing for a quick hour. He comes back 4 hours later. What do you say to him? Well put it this way; he can stay out as long as he likes, but the longer he is, the more making up there is to do…if you know what I mean.


(But could that be asking for too much exercise in one day? Oh go on then..)

Photo Score: BSB: 3/5

Total BSB score: 78%
We would have liked more bikini shots


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