Boardseeker Babe – Another hot kiter!

Boardseeker BabeAugust 08: Susi Mai

Full Name:   Susi Mai
Age:   23yrs
Height:   Almost a midget
Eye Colour:   blue-greenish

What are your best features?

Hmm don’t know…

3/5 Do you not look in the mirror every morning?

Where are you from?

Born in Germany, raised in the Caribbean.

5/5 Wise move.

What is work?


3/5 Wise career move if a little mis-guided when it comes to choosing the correct watersport.

What do you do in your spare time?

What spare time? Just kidding. I love surfing when there’s no wind. I also enjoy photography, roadtrippin with friends, my playstation and chocolate.

5/5 Taking photos of your friends covered in chocolate would be ideal.

What could a guy do to impress you?

I’m not easily impressed; he would have to be creative. Crazy stuff like jumping out of airplanes is a good start.

4/5 Heh, let’s leave jumping out of planes to Bodhi and Johnny Utah.

Have you had any celebrity boyfriends?

Not really, unless you consider pro kiteboarders’ ‘celebrities’.

2/5 We certainly do not.

Does a kitesurfer make a good boyfriend?

For sure, as long as he’s not bumming off me.

5/5 Pardon me?!!!!

What is your most memorable achievement to date?

Drinking more alcohol than Aaron Hadlow at a party in Austria. Oh kitewise? Winning the King of the Air three times in a row.

5/5 King of the Piss Heads more like




What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?

Jumped out of an airplane over the north shore of Oahu.

5/5 With Johnny Utah?

Are wetsuits sexy?


3/5 Fair enough.

What is more important: money or member?


5/5 Okey dokey, we know your sort.

Finally, you tell your boyfriend you are going sailing for a quick hour. You come back 4 hours later. What do you say to him?

Dude I’m starving!

5/5 Ready for some beer and chocolate!