Victoria Cropping – She’s not shy

Boardseeker Babe July 07: Victoria Holly Copping

Full Name:   Victoria Holly Copping
Age:   24
Height:   5ft6
Eye Colour:   Brown

1. What are your best features?
My legs!

5/5 (Your call, but we would have said something else.)

2. Where are you from? Southampton

3/5 (By the sea)

3. What is work? I am a teacher.

3/5 (How things must of changed since we were at school.)

4. What do you do in your spare time? Go to the beach, swim, surf and party.

3/5 (

All in Southampton? )

5. Have you ever posed naked? Only for my boyfriend and once in front of a few policemen after a skinny dipping incident went (un-intentionally) wrong.

5/5 (Made the coppers evening no doubt)

6. What’s the wildest thing you have done? Jumped out of a plane at 14,000ft and landed on a beach in Australia!

5/5 (

Even more impressive that the plane was over the Sussex Downs at the time )



7. Have you had any celebrity boyfriends?A lady doesn’t kiss and tell!

1/5 (

We’re not buying that )

8. What sort of guys do you go for?   Handsome, cheeky, sexy, funny and who will understand my need to be at the beach 24/7! Luckily my boyfriend fits all of these!

2/5 ( Sounds like a creep )

9. What could a guy do to impress you? Try not to actively impress me but play with me in the sea all day finishing it off with a BBQ and an ice cold beer!

5/5 ( She’s a mermaid?)

10. What’s more important, money or member? Money can’t keep you up all night. Member – definitely!!

3/5 (

Not bad answer although some would say money, especially a lack of it, can keep you up all night )



11. Would a windsurfer make a good boyfriend? Yep!


12. Can you windsurf? I grew up on boards but I have let it slip the last couple of years.

3/5 (

Well, pull up your bikini top and get back into it.. )

13. Are wetsuits sexy? Yep! Not the getting them on part, but there’s something satisfying about peeling rubber off a man (as long as he’s hot).



We were asking about how they looked ON, not OFF. Dirty girl. )

14. If you were a wave and a surfer was on you, would you spit them out or swallow them whole?I’d tease them and let them play for a while, then swallow them whole!

5/5 ( Pure filth )

15. A day at the beach or a day’s shopping? Beach, every time!

5/5 ( Good girl. )

16. Finally, your windsurfing boyfriend says he will be out sailing for a quick hour. He comes back 4 hours later. What do you say to him? I wouldn’t be there waiting for him, I would’ve been at the beach before him. He’d be waiting for me to come home!

2/5 ( Somehow, we think a young girl can only get up to so much on a cold beach in Southampton.)

Photo score: 5/5

Total BSB score:


Photos by Jenny Travell