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2011 Bic Core

Date Added: 04∙Jun∙2014

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Location: Dedworth, GB

Condition: Used

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Brand: Bic

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Fast and fun riding! On a Core 133, you can go very fast, very easily, in all kinds of conditions, and experience the real thrill board riding. Helps you raise your level of medium to strong wind windsurfing. So versatile that it could easily become the only freeride board in your quiver.

The Core series is aimed at windsurfers looking for good value at a good price. They come with a fun guarantee, backed up by years of windsurf experience. These boards have proven their worth in all sorts of conditions and their versatility has been well noted in all the magazine tests.

Made from Thermoformed Glass Composite, they've got great stiffness and even better resistance to knocks. The fittings have likewise been selected for their excellent value for money. The Bard Comes with a Fin and Screws and Foot straps. Please see our other items. Feel Free to ask any questions.

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