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Tom Malin Tom Malin
Location: Bristol
Member since October 2013

Fanatic Quad TE 75 (75 litres) 2013

Date Added: 02∙Oct∙2013

New Message about Fanatic Quad TE 75 (75 litres) 2013

Selling Details

Location: Bristol, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: I'd just like to buy next year's model!

Postage: You’re welcome to collect the board (I live in Bristol). Delivery price is £14 for UK mainland only. Delivery to non-mainland UK will probably be slightly more and posting to Europe will cost roughly £20. I can get a specific postage price for any European country if anyone wants. I’ve managed to get a proper box that the manufacturers use for delivering boards so the board will be safe if you do want it delivered.

Returns The buyer would have 2 days after receiving the board to let the seller know that they want to return it. The board cannot be returned if the buyer uses it. The buyer would need to pay for the return postage. The full returns details are on the ebay page.

Product Spec:

Brand: Fanatic

Width: 54.4 cm

Volume: 75 Ltrs

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

I’ve put this board on ebay as an auction ending on Tuesday 08th October at 8.50pm. There’s no reserve price. The address for the ebay auction is:

This board is in very good condition. It’s had very little use as I’ve been injured for the majority of the last year. I’ve owned it since new and there hasn’t been any repairs. It hasn’t been over any rocks or had any harsh flat landings from jumps and it hasn’t been left out in the sun excessively. There are some very minor marks / scuffs on the board and the rear fins but they’re definitely of no concern. The foot straps are in perfect condition.


Owner Review

Review by Windsurf Magazine:
The 87 litre edition of this board was review by Windsurf Magazine. Below is their overall verdict.

The Fanatic delivers in a wide range of wave conditions, turning tight and loose in smaller waves as well as in solid and faster, bigger side-shore surf. It’s also a super-fun jumping hull that offers a lively and exciting ride that’s comfortable and easy to control. It would suit a wide range of riders looking for a versatile quad fin board to use almost anywhere.

For the full review, follow the below link. If a popup window appears asking you to subscribe to their newsletter, you can just press the X to close the popup (you don’t have to subscribe to view the page).

Personal Review:
I tried quite a few different boards before I bought the Fanatic Quad TE and I personally found they were definitely the best all round board with a great balance between manoeuvrability, acceleration and control. They’re extremely fun to use.

One big thing I found really impressive about the Fanatic Quad TE is they plane really early in light winds and go up wind really quickly, but they remain totally controlled and easy to use in really strong winds on choppy water. This can be really useful when windsurfing in the UK where the wind often changes a lot in one day. The quick acceleration that this board gives is really useful for both jumping and wave riding, and the control is really good for when you want to go fast for a jump or when wave riding. I have used this board in Devon, Cornwall and South Wales and it’s worked really well in the whole variety of conditions.

The board’s design makes it easy to turn on a wave. Whether you want a big cranking bottom turn on a wave, or a really quick snappy bottom turn or top turn, or a fins out sliding top turn, this board will let you do it. This board is immensely fun and manoeuvrable on a wave. They’re also really easy to spin with in the air thanks to their reasonably short length.

The straps are also really good, being both comfortable and easy to adjust. The pads are also really comfortable with good grip. Finally, this board definitely looks amazing on the water!

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