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Naish Session 5.7 (2009)

Posted on 04/10/2013
£189.00 Was: £489.00

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Location: Kirklees, GB

Condition: Used

Postage: Courier, or pick up from shop. Call the shop on 01924 444 888 for quotes.

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Brand: Naish

Product description

The Session is Naish’s down-the-line wave sail; light, manoeuvrable and the favoured sail of Anne Marie Reichmann, the gorgeous Dutch sailor and Top5 PWA wave sailor. The '08 sails had two Dacron panels on the leading edge. For 2009, one has been taken out and replaced with one big panel leading to better visibility and a bit more bottom end
Luff 448, Boom 171

Robin Hood Watersports

Seller: Robin Hood Watersports

Location: West Yorkshire Member since February 2013

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