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Quatro Freestyle Wave 95L (2007)

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Location: Fareham, GB

Condition: Used

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Brand: Quatro

Product description

Manufacturer description:
Shorter, wider, and fuller than our Wave boards, the brand-new Quatro Freestyle Wave gives you a wider range of uses on small waves or in flat-water conditions. Freewave sizes range from 75 to 85 to 95 liters, and all three models have a short bevel on the tail that allows for backward freestyle tricks and great freestyle maneuverability. The sharp rails and fast rocker help the board plane early and give it excellent pointing ability. As an exceptional wave sailor, Keith brings a skilled and inspired new perspective to Freewave board design. His high-end Freewaves will take you to the next level of performance: these boards have speed and maneuverability on flat or choppy water, as well as the grip and quickness to turn in small or slow waves. Discover your unforeseen wave and freestyle capabilities on this fast, unique, and alive board.
Length: 244 cm
Mid Width: 61.5 cm
Tail Width: 37 cm
Thickness: 12 cm
Volume: 95 Liters
Weight: 6.6 Kg. *
Sail Range: 6.7 and smaller

Condition: Excellent condition, some marks from shingle beach on bottom.

Owner Review

Windsport magazine review
The ride: Quatro’s Freestyle Wave works great as an easy-sailing freeride board for progressional sailors with a modern hips-in stance, but in the hands of an advanced rider it has no limits. On the freestyle side, it planes up quickly with an efficiency that lets you ride smaller sails than other boards of the same volume. It has the natural pop of a freestyle board that gets you in the air off the smallest of ramps. The only thing that makes you realize you are not on a true freestyle board is that the ride is far more smooth and stable through chop.
The jibe: The wave part of this board becomes evident in the jibes, as it’s willing to carve any type of turn. It rails over effortlessly and flows through a tighter arc than we thought it should. It maintains its speed and cuts through chop as well as any other board in the test. Whether you know how to jibe or are still learning, the FSW will treat you right.
The forte: If you look at the amazing things pro sailors are doing and say to yourself, “I want to do that,” even though you’re just getting going in the straps, then the Quatro FSW is for you. It’s a board that is easy and fun for recreational riders, yet works well for the more intense aspects of the sport.

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