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Quatro Rhythm Premium Ltd 68 2010

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Location: Kirklees, GB

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Brand: Quatro

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Hard Core Wave sailing has now shifted its gears and has gone for this powerful new design. What has been a rarity is now the new trend. The RHYTHM twin fin boards allow you to finish your turns all the way, resulting in a continuous motion from the bottom turn to the off the top, going right back down the line. The two fins put the rails in the water sooner and keep them in the water throughout the whole turn.
International magazine tests around the world have credited this line of twin fin boards as the best fitted line of boards for side shore conditions for medium to expert sailors. Most of the professional wave sailors in the world today to whom we make custom boards ride boards just like these. No compromises and full performance.
Regardless of whether your style is front or back foot influenced, you will definitely feel a whole new sensation, doing turns you've never done before, at a speed you never thought possible. The modern lengths, rockers and thickness flows work in perfect combination with the RHYTHM Twin Fins, fueling the fire for this new style of wave sailing. This new direction of sailing is being strongly influenced by a desire to surf and slide in the waves as a surfer does, going into the critical part of the wave with confidence and making the wave ride more fluid overall. The combination of uncompromising control and quickness allows the rider to really charge in any size waves, and gives the freedom to do new moves, which is what the Quatro Wave RYTHM Twin Fin boards are all about.
Only available in Premium PVC Construction as these boards are designed for the most extreme conditions.

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