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RRD 110 Litre Freestyle Wave Windsurf Board

Date Added: 16∙Feb∙2014

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Selling Details

Location: Hove, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: I have purchased a new board

Postage: I can package the board for sending if required. I have not looked into cost of shipping but as long as this is covered by the buyer I have no problem with sending. Alternatively it can be picked up from Hove East Sussex and potential to Pick up near Dartford, Kent if required.

Product Spec:

Brand: RRD

Width: 64 cm

Volume: 110 Ltrs

Range of use: Any

Product description

Here is my 110L RRD Freestyle Wave board Glass/Wood construction in good condition all deck pads and footstraps are original and in good condition. There are a few small scratches on the paint on the rails but only what you'd expect from any board that's been used. It comes with the standard MFC 31cm fin.

A great board for getting out on those lighter wind day and wave days or for someone progressing onto smaller boards.

Please call Tom on 07903 457155 for more details.

Owner Review

A Great floaty stable board and great for riding waves in those less windy days. Surprisingly agile and easy to get on the plane.

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