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Lawrence Dunn Lawrence Dunn
Location: Southampton
Member since May 2014


Starboard iSonic 111 wood

Date Added: 29∙May∙2014

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Selling Details

Location: Southampton, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: Not being used / clearing out garage space

Postage: Pickup in Southampton. Maybe able to arrange something for Weymouth, south Essex or not too far off M3 or M25 corridors

Product Spec:

Brand: Starboard

Width: 68.5 cm

Volume: 111 Ltrs

Range of use: Race

Product description

Not sure if this is the 2007 or 2008 iSonic model - it has some graphic features from both years Starboard websites, I believe the basic design was the same on both years:

Overall condition it very good, but there is a mark on the nose LH corner.

I didn't sail the board that much, never really got on with it & it has been collecting dust in the garage for a number of years.

Owner Review

It got glowing reviews in all the magazines in 2007/2008/2009 is. Despite sailing other race boards prior to getting the iSonic, I didn't really get on with the iSonic personally. Hence it hasn't been sailed much, spending most of its time in the garage in its bag, & why it is in pretty good condition, never raced nor rallied & all that!

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