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Starboard Koster Kode 82 Technora

Date Added: 09∙Jul∙2014

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Location: Dedworth, GB

Condition: Used

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Product Spec:

Brand: starb

Range of use: Wave/Freestyle

Product description

The Kode Wave is the board choice of two times World Champion Philip Koster. It is fast to get on the plane with remarkable top end speed for taking jumps into the stratosphere. The Kode Waves are Philip Koster’s fast, aerial style ‘next- generation’ signature wave boards.

The Kode Waves are for riders who like to blend aerials and takas with powerful wave- carving. Their straight-line speed and acceleration also make them the most ideal for big airs and double combination loops.

Drive and speed are initiated off of the front foot, as is the rotational spinning style of Koster. MB Twinzer fins aid in the early release of the tail for backside 360’s and Takas whilst the board is still able to maintain the drive required for going down the line. These are the most ideal boards for big airs and double combination loops. The boards just want to boost whether it’s jumping or waveriding, with excellent projection above the lip along with being able to spin around it.

For 2014, the Kode Waves are shorter, making them lighter on the scale and under the feet, as swing weight is reduced. A Moreno Twins Pro Model 67 has also been added for the fair sex and smaller riders and a new 92 liters enters the family for heavier riders or light wind days.

Volume: 82
Length: 230
Width: 58.5

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Shipping from £30.

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