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Tushingham T4 8.5 (2013)

Date Added: 26∙Jun∙2014

New Message about Tushingham T4 8.5 (2013)

Selling Details

Location: Dedworth, GB

Condition: Used

Postage: shipping available at £20

Product Spec:


Sail Area: 8.5 m

Range of use: Freeride/Recreational

Product description

For Sale

Tushingham T4 8.5 Sail.

Built to excel at blasting and gybing, we really struggle to find words that do justice to this Ken Black masterpiece.
Low-end is smooth, yet powerful, while effortless rotation in manoeuvres and stability through a massive wind range continues to earn the T4 glowing reports from the world’s most thorough magazine testers.
The T4 proved very capable in competition against fully cammed race sails during the Ledge Point to Lancelin marathon in Australia, finishing first no-cam and ahead of many full race sails!
Popular for its simple rigging and tuning, paired with easy efficiency on the water, the T4 unleashes top performance to all levels of windsurfer.

The sail is in good condition.

Boom, mast and extension also available at an extra cost.

Shipping from £20.

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