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100L Freestyle Boards

00:00 1st April 2011 by Boardseeker

100l Freestyle Boards 100l Freestyle

It seems pretty clear that since the change in the PWA
competition format, freestyle boards have become shorter,
faster, quicker to plane, more responsive and easier to pop
into the air. They’ve also become more comfortable to sail
(with their domed decks), and this has all got to be very good
news for anyone considering buying one. And that shouldn’t
just be the domain of bendy-limbed Venezuelan teenagers.
These boards are very stable platforms for learning all
types of manoeuvres, from the basic carve gybe right up to
new-school wave moves and the freestyle moves that I won’t
even begin to try and spell. Modern freestyle boards really
do have a huge range of use and if you haven’t considered
one before, perhaps it’s time you did.

Enthused by this debate, our Clone test team decided to get
hold of the latest offerings from the key brands and put them
through their paces in Dahab.

When it comes to freestyle, the name says it all. Style is
what these boards are about, and style dictates which
one will suit. So rather than analyse the intricate details
of these boards with a fine toothcomb, we decided to
present a comprehensive overview of what our test
Clones thought characterised the different styles
between them. They are all great freestyle boards, and
each one has its own unique style and characteristics,
so read through our Clone quotes and see which one
will suit you the best!

The Clones would like to thank the Harry Nass centre
and the Dahab Coralia Hotel for taking care of them
while in Egypt.


Volume: 98l Length: 235cm Width: 63cm
Weight: 6.29kg Fin: 24cm Price: £1499


Really good for getting into freestyle and for older
school carving manoeuvres. One of the fastest, most
comfortable freestyle boards in a straight line.


Volume: 98l Length: 235.5cm Width: 64.5cm
Weight: 6.12kg Fin: 22cm Price: £1449


Impressively light and really forgiving and controllable
to sail. Great for spocks, grubbies, flakas, etc, but a
little too long for the really new-school moves. The
deck shape is very extreme and won’t be to all tastes.


Volume: 100l Length: 229.5cm Width: 62cm
Weight: 6.61kg Fin: 2 x 16cm Price: £1450


A real favourite amongst our Clones. An all-round really
nice board – just feels a bit smaller than the others.


Volume: 100l Length: 232.5cm Width: 63.5cm
Weight: 6.48kg Fin: 22cm Price: £1489


The Fanatic is arguably the fastest board in test, but
also one of the best all-round boards. Suitable for the
extreme freestyler and average sailor alike. Gollito won
the Freestyle World Championship with this board.

GOYA X1 105

Volume: 105l Length: 233.5cm Width: 65cm
Weight: 6.48kg Fin: 20cm Price: £1224.51


A really nice all-rounder and great for carving and basic
freestyle moves such as spocks and grubbies, etc. Not
such a dedicated freestyle board as some of the others.


Volume: 100l Length: 232.5cm Width: 64cm
Weight: 6.76kg Fin: 20cm Price: £1329


Feels one of the biggest boards underfoot. Great
for sliding moves and has amazing pop, but carving
and straight-line performance wasn’t as engaging as
some of the others.


Volume: 98l Length: 230cm Width: 63.5cm
Weight: 7.19kg Fin: 20cm Price: £1349


A great board for entry level freestyle and carving, and
very forgiving overall. However early planing and pop are
slightly compromised by the marginally higher weight.







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