Mistral Syncro 2007-06-12

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  Mistral Syncro 2007

Mistral have had an overhaul for 2007 with shaper Mark Nelson re-designing every board in their range. This is very apparent in the Syncro which has a totally new bottom shape and some larger sizes in the range. Note: the larger 102 & 115 designs have been based on super x boards.


Length Width Volume Weight Fin* Sail Range
Syncro Fish 76 228cm 58cm 76ltr 6.7kg Wavefish 25cm 3.4-5.4
Syncro Fish 86 231cm 60cm 86ltr 6.8kg Wavefish 27cm 4.0-5.9

*US box

Length Width Volume Weight Fin* Sail Range
Syncro 92 245cm 59cm 92ltr 7.1kg Wave Freestyle 27cm 4.5-6.2
Syncro 102 251cm 63cm 102ltr 7.5kg Freemove 32cm 5.0-6.9
Syncro 115 256cm 67cm 115ltr 8.2kg Freemove 35cm 5.3-7.5

*Power box

Totally revised bottom shape: NEW double concave hull similar to modern surfboards.

Deck channels for increased strength, performance and comfort underfoot.

Revised swallow tail for smooth & aggressive turns.

Nose chine on bottom for water redirection giving control during tricks.

NEW Air Pod footpads.

NEW Customized G10 Fin by Kai Hopf.

OPTION for Syncro 102 + 115: Hydrofoil fin (located at around 60 inches from the tail on the bottom of the board). The blade provides you with extra lift for acceleration.

EXCLUSIVE to Boardseeker: Check out Mark Nelson telling us all about it HERE.

COST: £999