Naish Freeride Slalom 2007

  Naish Freeride Slalom 2007

So you’re not into slalom competition, but you still like to burn past your mates and also enjoy a bit of bump & jump along the way; well Naish has the board for you!

This is the working man’s slalom board: easy to sail but with the rocker line based on Naish’s Slalom Pro range, the boards still have the top speed potential of a pure slalom model. But it has been designed to work with freeride sails, in Naish’s case, that’s the Redline & Boxer Slalom.


Length Width Volume Fin* Sail Range
Freeride Slalom 95 241cm 60cm 95ltr 32cm 5.0-6.2
Freeride Slalom 105 245cm 64cm 105ltr 36cm 5.5-7.6
Freeride Slalom 115 250cm 66cm 115ltr 40cm 6.0-8.2
Freeride Slalom 125 255cm 69cm 125ltr 44cm 6.5-9.0

*Power box

  • New rocker line based on Slalom Pro range
  • Softer rails at front of board for user-friendliness
  • Bevelled nose bottom for stability at speed
  • Aerodynamic nose rail flow from Slalom Pro
  • More volume in centre of board & thinned out in nose

CONSTRUCTION: TK carbon deck reinforcements, wood reinforcements in stance area, glass bottom, double sandwich.

COST: £899
AVAILABILITY: September ’06

For more info on Naish products & to find your nearest dealer go to the Naish UK website.

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