RRD Wave Range 2007

Photos courtesy of RRD

  RRD Hardcore Wave & Wavecult 2007

TWO new types of wave board are now released by RRD to complete the wave package after the 2007 Freestyle/Wave was launched earlier in July.


For the wave purists, the Hardcore Wave is the most radical. The three boards in the range are a little shorter, with just a bit more width at the wide point. The thinnest tail of any production waveboard remains, but there is now a fraction more volume.

Combined with a deeper double concave applied to a slightly flatter rocker, the 2007 Hardcores plane earlier, but actually have better grip at high speed and in critical manoeuvres.

Length Width Volume Weight Fin* Sail Range

Hardcore Wave XS


236cm 52.5cm 66ltr 5.6kg Maui Fin 20.5cm 3.3-4.7

Hardcore Wave S


240cm 54.5cm 74ltr 5.8kg Maui Fin 21cm 4.0-5.2
Hardcore Wave M (blue) 244cm 56cm 81ltr 6.0kg Maui Fin 22cm 4.7-5.5

*US box



The 2007 Wavecult is also a little shorter than last year. The new boards plane earlier thanks to more double concave and a flatter rocker line, whilst a slight increase in nose kick makes for a smoother ride over chop. Three sizes cover everyone’s needs.

Length Width Volume Weight Fin* Sail Range

Wave Cult 77


230cm 56.5cm 77ltr 5.8kg Maui Fin 22cm 3.6-5.0

Wave Cult 84


233cm 58cm 84ltr 6.1kg Maui Fin 23cm 4.0-5.4

Wave Cult 93


236cm 62cm 93ltr 6.4kg Maui Fin 24cm 4.6-5.9

*US box

COST: £1049

AVAILABILITY: September 06

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