2014 – GA is the Way

There is no hiding it, GA has been storming the podium positions since 2014 kicked off. At the same time they’ve had to put up with our constant stream of tongue-in-cheek updates about the all new Gaastra Sails branding: GA-Sails. If you are a little lost right now, then just check out this update, the introduction and video cover most of what we are referring to –

So, with a slight blush in our ‘virtual face’ we have to congratulate GA-Sails on their success so far, see what we mean over the next few pages, these guys have absolutely killed it.

The most recent of which was Phil Horrocks who took the title at the first BWA tour stop in Wales last weekend. Conditions were firing and we had a huge amount of coverage over on our sister site, you can also see and vote for him in our top moves feature by clicking here. Check out the other champions over the next few pages.

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