2014 PWA Wave World Champion – 3 Contenders

The 2014 PWA Wave World Tour is set to go in just a few weeks. Pozo is confirmed and many of the best guys in the world are already on site training for what is bound to be a show of epic proportions. Three videos dropped in the last 24 hours of three possible title contenders for this years 2014 World Title.

First up Marcilio Browne
Super stylish, super talented and extremely diverse, Brawzinho is a class act with the title to defend. Given that this years tour looks set to be about as diverse as it gets, he is quite likely to be the hot favourite right now. However, not by any clear margin; Traversa, Swift, Mussolini, Fernandez and none other than Köster will be snapping at his heels, let alone these two on the following pages.

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