5 With Fanatics Best – Fernandez and Voget

With PWA La Torche about to kick off we caught up with Fanatic Internationals top players, the current highest ranked windsurfer on the World Tour, Victor Fernandez and 5th placed Klaas Voget.

Check out their answers over the next few pages.

PWA La Torche, did you ever sail here before, what are you expecting from the conditions?

VF: It’s the first time ever for me in La Torche. I only sail here the first 3 days of my trip and this evening. I was expecting difficult conditions and big waves and I think it is. The waves get big very fast here and the spot changes a lot with the tides but I really like the location.

KV: I sailed there yesterday for the first time. It was pretty light and a solid swell, challenging, but I quite like that kind of stuff.

Victor Fernandez warming up the week before the competition