5 Fins - 5 Reasons


Many often question the construction, asking if the board is weaker because it’s been chopped around a bit to fit the 5 boxes in. The truth of it is in fact the opposite. The boards are stronger due to the extra reinforcements but also due to the fact that having multiple fins means that one supports the other. So should you have the very unlikely event of running aground in your excitement to escape that huge closing out beach break bomb, then the chances of keeping the board relatively intact are much higher than perhaps a single fin.

The other side of it is again the developments in materials, where slot-box’s used to adopt the small delicate fiddle FCS keys, which would snap or just round off, they now have much stronger screws which you can use any of the classic windsurfing branded screwdrivers for.

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  1. Con

    Surely the whole 5 fin concept is just a gimmick. The underside of the board is designed with Chanel’s to direct the water over the fins. There can’t be four different sets of Chanel’s under the board

  2. Tom

    The “Surf” board crowd has been doing this for years.


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