A New Kind of Windsurf Board…

Straight on

Can’t believe we forgot to take these in the studio! Sheesh!

BTW, computer screens almost never show the same exact color, and can vary widely. Blaze is a very bright, “fire-engine” red, and the flames are bright lemon yellow.

There hasn’t been a lot of sailable wind in Southern California in December.

As soon as there is, we’ll get some pictures on here and some feedback on just how she rides.


About the author:

Spencer Thompson has been an avid windsurfer for over 23 years. Boards magazine published his comic strip called “Wind Junkie” in the past, and he has a website of the same name.  His wife Debi is also a sailor, and they spend all their free time chasing the wind, or SUPing if they can’t find any.  They live in Southern California, and are sponsored by Sailworks, ProMotion wetsuits, Maui Fin Company, and Murrays.com.

























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