Are You 2014

Two weeks ago we asked a couple of very well known windsurfers about updating sails and in particular why now really is the time. Not wanting to side step around windsurf boards we decided to focus intently on the slalom and freeride disciplines. This time we sat down with Marco Lang from the Fanatic team about the latest slalom board shapes and why it is important to keep ones quiver as fresh as possible. Read on and if you feel inspired to move on up then check out our EQUIPMENT page to see what’s new.

BS: What has changed the most with windsurfing boards compared to 10 years ago?

ML: If you stand in front of two boards, one from 10 years ago and one new one, then (aside from the graphic) you can see that the biggest noticeable difference is the width and length. In the past the boards were really long and narrow, they looked like a speed board, pretty similar to what the guys are using now for speed records.

Today the boards are much wider that length has been reduced somewhat. It’s much easier to learn windsurfing on as a whole because a wider board is easier to balance on, the stability is better.