Are You 2014

BS: Is it really possible to make a wider shape as fast as a narrow board from 10 years ago?

ML: No that’s not really possible because you need a really narrow board to reach a good speed record. However, the idea behind the width is that it is allowing us to use the board with more ease and comfort and as a result the performance output is greater in a much wider range of conditions. From short sharp chop to high rolling seas, the shapes that are currently available are fitting well to the conditions.

As well as being able to bring more people to start windsurfing it is now possible to plan in sub-10 knots of wind. Some years ago, this was an unimaginable goal. So, yes if we compared a like for like shape with materials from 10 years ago to that of the current day then it would be faster to keep a thin board. However, a freeride/slalom board is not totally designed for straight line speed and the comfort of a slightly wider board and the ease to get planning earlier after a slow gybe is a hugely influential factor, not just for us competitors on the world tour but also for your everyday recreational sailor.