Are You 2014

BS: So can you see the boards developing much more in the future or have we reached a plateau in research and development?

ML: No there for sure there is no end. It is easy to just say this but really the more involved you get the more you realise that there will always be something to change after the next hurdle. If we could do it all at once we would but research and development is about testing one thing, seeing if it works then scraping that idea or keeping it and moving on to the next.

Sebastian Wenzl is always coming with new ideas. Every year there is always a small step in the improvement from his ideas and then from our ideas. It’s almost impossible to say what and which boards we are riding in 10 years, but for sure they will be some amazing things and this is one of the real reasons we keep on testing and why we keep on pushing to be on the latest gear. The same phrases may crop up year on year in the marketing but that is because year on year this is exactly what is happening.

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