Arrianne Aukes

The Dream Team – Arrianne Aukes and boyfriend/chief caddy James Hoare


Preparations for the trip were all pretty late on! As I said we were lucky enough to already have a van, after a few days of DIY modifications to the inside we built storage for sails, masts, booms, etc. We searched for a roof rack and a lot of straps to tie things down on top so we could sleep inside! It was more a case of learning as we went along concerning everything else! Living with two gas burners and no fridge makes eating a bit more challenging but with the help of Lidel and a creative mind, as well as not to fussy tastes, we managed to survive! One of the real joys of living in the van was realising that you don’t need so much! We were also really lucky to have a good list of international contacts so in most stops we had someone to help show us around or lend us a warm shower.