The Back Loop with Lewis and Horrocks

Back Loop

Next up in the ‘Wave Tips’ series from Boardseeker, two men known for boosting some of the biggest backies talk you through the technique for this stylish jump…

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  1. davebosnia

    great tips, three years into trying them and only had 2 landings!, will add these techniques to the quiver!

  2. Amy Carter

    Hope they do help davebosnia ! Do let us know if there’s any other specific technique areas you or anyone else would like covered in the future.

  3. Tom

    Great backloop landing tips by Ads! If I use the technique like that for landing, do I pull in the sail even more to stop the rotation and release slightly out to add a little rotation?

    Amy, to your question…we now have 360s, takas and backloops to master if I look at the latest vids…I’ll have an answer to your question once I am done with these!!

  4. al

    my 2 problems with the backies. most of the time wind rips the sail from my back hand (because i dont put the hand further down to clue and pull???), and the second problem, i mostly land flat (dont stop the rotation). TNX

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