Ben Welsh

The magic of Tarifa has been covered frequently in magazines world wide for years and years but when we stumbled across the incredible work of Ben Welsh we had to show his perspective. This is the result of stunning photography combined with a location that has almost everything to offer any level of windsurfer.

More about Ben Welsh

After more than 20 years experimenting with photography, Ben Welsh (fashion, lifestyle, portrait photography) has developed a dynamic range of techniques which can handle the most intricate photographic challenges. Everything from shooting fashion campaigns in Amsterdam to lifestyle on the sand dunes of Punta Paloma in Tarifa (Cadiz), Andalusia, Spain, where he lives.

Scroll through the following pages to see some exclusive shots of this wild playground and check out his gallery of other lifestyle shots at the end of this feature. Be sure to click on the links below to find about more about Ben:

Rider; Mateo Cano at Caños de Meca. This was a north wind day with very nice waves.

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