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Chile is my second home and where I feel more comfortable in all aspects

It feels very close to Almerimar in terms of food, climate, language, etc… There is only a few different things; the nature and the waves, which makes it a perfect training ground.

_H7C1933Matanzas is a very small town with just a few roads, some fishermen and other local farmers. Not having the influence of a city near you makes you appreciate other things and for us having the ocean so close, it is just like a game to windsurf, surf or SUP. Having our own place is brilliant, we cook our own food (we even learn how to baked bread with Klaas and Bea) almost everyday, we also light up the fire for the hot tub and cut our own firewood from the land.

_H7C1898The village offers a few nice places to eat so sometimes when we are very tired after a long session and we have no food at home we go to Surazo Hotel or Camping olas de Matanzas for a nice dinner. Some days we also stop over at tía Yoli (Litueche), if we sailed at Topocalma, as it is on the way back to Matanzas, it is very cheap to eat there and the plates bring lots of food.


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