Chile Calling

The Ultimate Chile Quiver – Klaas

Klaas Voget laying it down

As we were supposed to compete, I took a board for every possible conditions. However, a 76l & 82l production Quad will cover most of it. Matanzas, Roca and Topocalma are pretty much sideshore and fast breaking waves, perfect Quad territory. Also for Pupuya these two boards are pretty good, but as it can be smaller and tricky, with some days without too much space for the acceleration, I’ve also taken a 76 Triwave for it’s jumping and early going performance.

An aerial section worthy of a wet dream…

Most of the days I use 4.2 to 5.0, but sometimes Topocalma can get really windy in the afternoon. For these 3.7 sessions I took a custom, a smaller Version of the 76l production Quad. Then, as if this is not enough excess baggage, I had another Quad Custom with me, an 80l with a bit of extra curve, one that I like to use when it’s cross-off and perfect.

It sounds like you need a whole lot of equipment for Chile, but honestly, I could easily stay just on the 76l or 82l production Quad. If you plan a trip, just make sure you don’t take too small a board, the spots are gusty and there are lulls. A bit of extra floatation always helps.