DSC Title Contenders – Anders Bringdal

We are kicking off our title contenders for the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge early in order to feature five of the top entrants. We sent them all the same questions, with one or two modifications along the way, so stay tuned for future updates, for now we have the one and only Anders Bringdal.

Title Contenders – Anders Bringdal

Years windsurfing: 32 years….. Quite long….
Top 3 career highlights:
1 – First time able to make the board move.
2 – Big aerial at Jaws.
3 – Breaking the 50 knot barrier over 500 metres.
Top speed: 53.59 knots 2 sec and 51,45 WSSRC 500M time.
Equipment set-up you achieved your top speed on: Production Mistral speed 63L, NP Evo 5 5.4, Gasoil els 20 cm fin
Current sponsors: Mistral/Gasoil/Al 360.

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