DSC Title Contenders – Zara Davis

DSC Title Contenders - Zara Davis

Where have you been training over the winter? Err, no *laughs*, I have a proper job, but I have been to Weymouth a few times over the winter.

Do you think you can break the world speed record again? Yes

What speeds do you think are achievable at the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge? For the men I expect 40 knots and for myself if I can do over 35 then I’ll be really happy. I’m usually about 6 knots behind the top guys so to be 5 knots behind would be great.

Who would you say your one biggest rival/competitor is and why? I would have always said Karin because she is such a great sailor and has been such an inspiration but currently Lena because she is a great sailor and has really proven herself on the slalom circuit, especially as she is just not built to go fast, it is incredible how quick she can go.