DSC Title Contenders – Zara Davis

DSC Title Contenders - Zara Davis

Are there any ‘outsiders’ who could cause upset amongst the top 8? Jim Crossley, if it’s windy I think he will do really well.

Is there anyone you know who is fast but doesn’t enter competitions, who you think perhaps could do well? Steve Thorp, Steve Corp, Ian Richards, Farrel O’shea they should all be entering.

What are the latest developments in speed equipment? ASY (asymmetrical) fins are becoming much more common place. There is some experimenting going on with board cut-outs to make the planning surface narrower than the get up and go surface. Also high modular carbon masts which are lighter and have a much faster reaction time, the same kind of carbon that is on the F1 cars, but it’s very costly.

What equipment did you bring with you to Fuerteventura? 5, 5.5, 6.2, 7.0 and 5 masts, 4 booms, 3 boards (41, 47 and 90l slalom board), 10+ fins.

Do you change much for specific spots, if so what do you change/take? Absolutely, it all depends on the conditions you have at the spot, everything can change, how much time do you have…