Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

This week we are stoked to officially announce it as Dunkerbeck Week here on Boardseeker. Over the next seven days we will have several features with the 41 times World Champion. Speed challenges to retirement and his 30th year on tour to his top tips on how to go pro in the public eye, there will be something for everyone. First up, is Dunkerback starting a new World Tour?

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge


Speed windsurfing is indeed a hugely popular part of windsurfing but to have a tour for this discipline has always been tricky due to the nature of the conditions required. With better access to spots world wide, Dunkerbeck has set his sights on a tour that will grow from its infancy to a fully fledged series that will satisfy the needs of anyone who just wants to lock in and put the pedal-to-the-metal. Read all about over the next few pages.


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