EFPT Podersdorf

You are a great ambassador for freestyle windsurfing and the sport as a whole, where would you personally like to see windsurfing head in the next few years?

This is very interesting to discuss from an event organisers perspective. Over the years I have learnt so much about the requirements a successful event needs that it seems almost ironically familiar to what a sport might need. Personalities, clear divides, clear targets for sponsors, talent and of course a little bit of good (weather) luck can help.

In all seriousness, for windsurfing I honestly don’t think the sport is unattractive, it is not hard to do, these days (because of equipment) you need a 10 minute practice on land then you can windsurf out and back almost straight away, within one week you can be planning in the harness. I think that the sport has too many angles, it is too exciting with too many disciplines for what any big sponsor of the sport may want. An example, do you think a fast car company wants to be associated with waves and freestyle in the same way they do with speed or slalom, or vice versa, do you think surf clothing companies want to be associated with windsurf racing as much as they do with freestyle or wave sailing. Companies and brands have different target audiences and windsurfing disciplines also have different target audiences, this is how the disciplines should be managed to generate the greatest possible exposure for the competitors and people involved.