EFPT Podersdorf

We hear there is a plan for €20,000 prize money, with an additional €5,000 for tow-in, the most an EFPT event has ever seen at one stop in its history. What can the riders and spectators expect from this years Surf WorldCup event?

Yes, this is the case, we will run the event in the same way a €10,000 event is run, with the distribution of €10,000 to the top riders, then the other €10,000 will be distributed evenly to the top 3/4. The main reason for that is to attract the best guys, there is no reason why our event should be seen as a downgrade, especially with what we have in store for the riders. This event is all about the competitors, it is about bringing them to the public, showing off all the different personalities from the different countries.