Face to Face

Face to Face

The first most obvious question is what’s your history of the other persons sport? Have you tried it?

Levi: In 1988 my dad saw a snowboard in the ski shop and bought two for my brother Luke and I. I was basically born on ski’s. My parents were both ski instructors in Sun Valley, Idaho. My brother and I both had ropes around us, skiing at 3 or 4 years old as our parents guided us down the hill. Our family moved to Hood River and through the winter I was snowboarding Mount Hood Meadows every weekend and windsurfing the river in the summers. So windsurfing and snowboarding were my two main sports. Unfortunately I’ve slacked on snowboarding, but I definitely would love to get back into it. I think it’s because I spend my extra money on surf trips.

Scotty: Yeah I’ve tried it once out in Hood River in Oregon, I coudln’t really get the hang of it, I went out and launched a little bit, I think I went about 20ft then fell over *laughs*. That’s probably the extent of my windsurfing career actually.

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