Face to Face

What about the rivalries, windsurf vs kitesurfer and skiier vs snowboarder, is it wild out there?

Levi: Personally I think it’s a bit ridiculous the skier verse snowboarder rivalry. One sport you stand to the side and the other sport you face forward. I think windsurfing and kiteboarding have bigger obstacles to overcome then the skier and snowboarder thing. I have alot friends that kite and they know how to harmonize with windsurfing but I’d be lying if I said it’s been a smooth road with the two sports.

Scotty: Yeah it’s pretty wild out there *laughs*, we all hate each other. Ah no, it’s not bad, it’s just more of an unspoken rivalry you know, there’s a lot of skiiers who snowboarders have respect for but it’s still out there for sure.

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