Is It Time To Sex Up Windsurfing?

Alana Blanchard knows sexy.
Alana Blanchard knows sexy.

It’s a well known fact that sex sells.

But should women (and men) in sport use it to promote themselves and their sport? Or does it undermine what they do?

The surf girls know how to do sexy, if you follow surfing too you’ll see a constant stream of rather revealing images from some of the hottest of competitors, on and off the water.

Recently, Anastasia Ashley has taken this to a whole new level with the much watched ‘twerking warm up’, do you think this is something we should start to see the windsurfing girls emulating?

Or would it undermine their skills on the water?

Jenna de Rosnay, the first and ultimate windsurfing pin up...
Jenna de Rosnay, the first and ultimate windsurfing pin up…

And it’s not just the girls that are at it. Whilst Wayne Rooney might be one of the most talented footballers around, we’re damn sure the likes of David Beckham, Ronaldo and Freddie Ljungberg didn’t make their millions just from their ball skills.

With windsurfing being full of beautifully tanned and physically fit athletes, is it about time the sailors sexed it up a little more for the good of windsurfing?

Windsurfers already spend most of their time half naked or dressed in rubber, surely it wouldn’t take much more to really take advantage of this?



Would it help our sport to grow and bring in some outside sponsors?

Or should windsurfing steer clear of the seductive side of things and let the action on the water do the talking?

Do windsurfers want to be better known for being smoking hot, or let their riding do the talking? And do their sponsors want the same thing?

What do you think? Discuss in the comments below…

Is it time to sex up windsurfing?

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  1. Scott Haas

    Magazine people photos should be about the lifestyle aspects of windsurfing which in general should promote good health and fitness (and products used to achieve those qualities). Bikini pics should promote the bathing suit. If you waste space on skin pics .. at least get a little advertising dollars for it.

  2. Konstantin

    I agree with Scott. I you are running out of topics just try to a little more creative.

  3. Konstantin

    I agree with Scott. If you are running out of topics just try to a little more creative.

  4. Tomas

    “Help the sport grow”..Why the hell should the sport grow. It should not! That would make it uncool and mainstream, and the beaches would be overcrowded and destroy the Beauty of it. The thing with windsurfing is that it´s a difficult and small sport that many never manage to do on a good level. Start with football if you need a big sport.


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