Katya Chistokhvalova

Last week Jeremy Pluss filled us in on his adventures to some very much unheard of locations around the rather infamous Jaricoacoara (check it out by clicking HERE). This week we are joined by the Russian beauty that is Katya Chistokhvalova for another episode on Brazil, this time Katya takes us to São Miguel do Gostoso and slightly further inland. Stunning photos and a heart full of adventure, enjoy part II of Boardseeker’s Brazilian Secrets tour – words by Katya Chistokhvalova.

This place is perfect to spend your time doing things you love.
Here you forget about everything, thoughts drown in the ocean.

Every winter my friends and I travel around the world. We look for wind, waves and the endless summer. This year I spent my winter holidays in Brazil.

The small village of São Miguel do Gostoso, located in the northeastern tip of Brazil, is famous for two reasons: stable winds and the windsurf-club of the legendary, three times World Champion – Kauli Seadi.

That’s why it didn’t take long to decide which spot in Brazil to visit. This place exceeded all my expectations and gave me two months of: windsurfing every day, a positive morale and an unforgettable journey.

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