Marcilio Browne

Boardseeker: Let’s face it, with this win under the belt, the next event taking place in Maui, do you feel perhaps a little confident that this could be your year to take the overall world title?

Brawzinho: Its great that there is a chance and to be one of the contenders, but to be honest I am not thinking about any of that. There are 2 events to come and so much can happen. I am just focusing on being healthy, to train and enjoy myself over here each day. We haven’t had wind so I’ve been surfing and cycling. Also, it will be a very hard event as there are so many guys that sail amazing at Hookipa but don’t really do the tour; Levi, Kauli, Graham, KP, Francisco…. the list goes on. So I will just take it heat by heat and do my best.