Maui to Pozo pt. 2

Last week we had an epic run down from Brawzinho of a last minute trip that tops almost all other last minute trips; Marcilio Browne, Robby Swift and Graham Ezzy showed up in Pozo after flying from Maui. They made their decision to leave just 16 hours before their departure. Like last week we have a great gallery for you, but in addition to the words from Robby Swift, we also have a video of him in action.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I said “sure, let’s go” and the next day we were on the plane!

Check out the short clip on the last page, meanwhile enjoy Robby’s report. The video is an absolute blinder, Robby was firing on all cylinders and after he sent us all the info to publish we told him to get on and win there this year, when the reply dropped into our inbox, these were just a few of the words he said:

“If it’s windy and wavy I think I have a chance of winning. Would help if the bloody wind would come back to Maui so I can train over this next month”

Read on…

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