Maui to Pozo pt. 2

It’s a bit of a gamble to fly across to the other side of the world for a week but this week definitely paid off

It is nice to go on a forecast as you don’t have to take that much gear with you. I just took 3.4 to 4.7 with me and my 73L and 82L JP Thruster Quads, 1 boom and 2 masts. To everyone else in the airport, it still looked like we had a lot of gear but to us it was a pleasure to travel so light!! Brawzinho of course, being his paranoid self, had to take 3 boards and a few more sails but he wouldn’t use them. I was happy just to take 2  bags of windsurfing gear with me for the first time in years. I was even happier when I got there and LPWS offered to look after my gear for me till I come back in the summer so that meant I travelled home with just my clothes bag. An unheard treat for me!

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